Fitness EP

by Sports & Leisure

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The Sports & Leisure Fitness EP was released May 31, 2013. It is the band's debut album.


released May 31, 2013

All music by Sports & Leisure.
Lyrics to Devil, Big Wind, Thief, and Ski Trip by Richard Dubourg.
Lyrics to The Thaw by Whitney Brown. The Thaw features vocals by Alexis Marceaux.

Ⓟ © 2013 Sports & Leisure L.L.C. (Member BMI)
All rights reserved. Unauthorized duplication is a violation of applicable laws. Lyrics used by permission only.

Recorded and mixed at Marigny Recording Studio in New Orleans, LA
by Rick Nelson and Jason Rhein.
Produced by Scott Hannan and Sports & Leisure.
Co-produced by Rick Nelson and Jason Rhein.
Mastered by Bruce Barielle.
Manufactured in USA.

Photograph for CD sleeve by Scott Hannan.
Album layout by Sky McElroy and Sam Randolph.
Released & Distributed by Rude Fox Records + Management.

Management Contact Info:
Sky McElroy
Rude Fox Records + Management



all rights reserved


Sports & Leisure New Orleans, Louisiana

Sports & Leisure is a six-piece band from New Orleans, Louisiana.

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Track Name: Devil
I think you're sick, and the silent treatment
Isn't clearing up the illness you've conceived
I had to leave, you know just what you've done
And keep doing

The sleeping in circles, baby
My God how dizzy you must be

Well I saw the devil in you
And I heard him too
In the reasons that you're calling me
Just set me free, don't know
If I'm asking that
Of you or me

I know that we don't have to talk
But I just don't know why I do

When all I hear is the backdrop of
The holes in which your lungs and liver dwell
Which of my friends you're eying down
In some strange attempt at sick revenge to try and make me see what I've been missing
And it just might work
Track Name: Big Wind
I woke you from your sleep
To save you from your dreams
Or were they distant memories
Creeping up from beneath the sheets?

I can't stop you, even if I wanted to
You've got to go

Don't blame you for leaving
Won't be begging you to stay
When that big wind starts blowing
The southern clouds away
Track Name: The Thaw
Lustily we roamed
And I was wrecked alone,
Gazing upon a perfect frame.

She was counting days,
Somewhere in the fade,
Caught in an artificial haze.

Swallowed by the past
Of songs and photographs,
An heir that she could barely breathe, we were three

Don't write it off,
The frame fades slow,
Here we part.

I let you go.

Jumped into a lake,
Soaking up the rays,
Me and my holy family

Hunting up a thrill,
Swallowing the pills
And drinking our lonely hearts to sleep.

Ragged, laid to waste,
Just looking for a taste
Of what it was like when we were free, we were three.

So don't write it off,
The pain fades slow,
Here we part.

I let you go.

Oh, Oh, Oh
I let you go.

Wandering across the face of some restless place, that godforsaken wasteland, where we made our home til winter came and buried us in snow. And every night you slept, I would sink into a bottle, I was only trying to hollow out a place where we'd escape that jagged faith, but you found grace in a cafe. Two fallen saints in an alleyway. Reveling in our victory. False sparks ignite in a Midwest sky above to guide us home. And now I surely know, I can't let you go.

Oh, oh, oh
I can't let you go.
Track Name: Thief
I think I should be asleep
Even though it’s still early
But my heavy head's supposing I'd better off asleep
Pace the downstairs for a while
While up the stairs you rest
And I'm thinking I would rather have you
Passed out on my chest

But that only gets my weary mind to thinking
Of the man and places I would rather be
And that only brings a morning full of fighting
So I'm better off to let you stay asleep

Out the front door I now step
With no shoes upon my feet
And it's only half past ten
Still I can't help but to think
Someone's broke into my car again
Is digging through my things
Fantasize about the pain I’d cause
If I were to catch him

So I light a smoke in hopes that it might make me
Seem a little tougher than I am
And I won't give two shits about the pain that I'd cause
To this fellows family and friends
Track Name: Ski Trip
I think I’m starting to expect this shit from you
Any chance to mend runs out as fast as you do
If I had some better tools I’d change the knobs on all the doors
This little game where you lock me out ain’t flying with me no more
If I had some better tools I’d drill this point right home

But I can’t bring myself to leave
No, I can’t

Searching the pantry for that bottle from New Years Eve
Watch horror movies I never could convince you to watch with me
And I’ll eat so much you’d think the hangover’s already here
And convince myself tomorrow I’ll be out of your hair my dear
We’ve done this dance before and nothing seems to change